Parents, is your P3-P5 child still having difficulties in Chinese despite long hours of practice and ? If your answer is “Yes”, read this personal letter to discover… 

“Singapore’s First Brain-Based Chinese Learning Methodology That Helps Any Child Improve By 20-30 Marks In 3 Months Or Less... Even If He/She Hates Chinese!”

Here's What Parents Shared About Us...

"D to B in a short time"

Afaf, Mother Of Eyyup’s (Primary 4)

"Improved confidence in speaking Chinese"

Klle, Father of Gwen (Primary 4)

"From B to an A"

Jacky, Father Of Jaime (Secondary 1)

"Improved by leaps & bounds!"

Hui Xin, Mother Of Qi En (Primary 6)

Teacher Eileen Wong with one of our 1,800 students across Singapore.

Hi Parents,

My name is Eileen Wong, Founder of Speed Chinese.

As a Masters graduate in Chinese Language and Literature from Beijing Normal University (one of the top 10 universities in China),

I have spent a good part of the last 20 years teaching Chinese to students from all ages. 

Every year, my team of 20+ teachers work with more than 2,000 students to improve their marks in the Chinese exams, and scoring A/A* in Chinese. 

Despite my extensive background in the Chinese language...

"I Was At My Wit’s End On How To Help My Children In Chinese."

You see, my children grew up in an English speaking family, where they are regularly exposed to the English language.

I would ask them something in Chinese and they would reply to me in English.

Over time, they become less and less interested in learning Chinese. 

The more I pressed my children to read or write in Chinese, the more it made my kids hate the language.

They found Chinese boring and often kicked up a fuss when they had to practice Chinese reading or writing. 

I was completely stuck on what to do to help my child. 

I’m sure many of you can relate to my personal experience as a parent. 

All I knew was how to teach my children the same way my parents and teachers taught me.

You May Be Facing These Problems Too!

I realised that there was a few common problems that my children as well as many parents faced.

They’re able to converse in Chinese but are unable to recognise and apply Chinese characters during exams despite constant practice on dozens of past year exam papers (reading, writing)

Try as they might, they can’t understand what their teachers are going through during lessons and get more confused as time goes by due to a lack of practical and exact feedback.

They have no idea how to tackle comprehension and composition questions and as a result, have incomplete sentences or just a few sentences written.

Children that come from English-speaking families will rarely speak Chinese at home and as such, have less exposure to the use of the Chinese language.

I knew I needed to find a...

Faster, Easier & Much More Efficient Way To Learn Chinese!

For the sake of my children and the many parents that are looking for a solution,

I had the idea to start researching better methods to teach children Chinese. I threw away all I knew about learning and teaching Chinese, deciding to start again from scratch.

I travelled to countries such as China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to learn from the top educators in each country and conducted in-depth studies on hundreds of language acquisition.

Through my travels and talking to various top educators, I discovered some shocking revelations…

Learning Chinese had little to do with the amount of practice, or how much the child liked the language...

The root problem actually comes from many teachers & tutors still using…

Slow And Ineffective Methods Of Teaching Chinese

We designed a programme to help students learn Chinese in a much fast and more effective way.

This is the reason why you might have heard your child’s teacher say things like“read more”, “write more” or even “watch more Chinese shows”.

These may be useful advice for some children that are already relatively adept at Chinese,

For many children, this advice alone is hardly enough information for them to improve in a short amount of time.

5 years into my search, I came upon an idea of incorporating brain-based strategies into learning Chinese.

I took more than 10 years of tweaks and adjustments to my strategies and testing my methods in multiple primary schools and centres.

I finally “perfected” my methodology in teaching children (even those from non-Chinese backgrounds).


The Speed Chinese Methodology

With this brand new methodology...

Your child will be able to learn an easier, and more efficient way to greatly improve his/her Chinese in just 2 months or less, regardless of their previous grades.

In fact, by mastering even just 1-2 techniques in the methodology,

Your child will have the knowledge and tools necessary to jump their grades by 10-15 marks in their Chinese papers in just 1 month…

Our students love our Speed Chinese programme because it helps them improve within a short period of time while having fun during the class.

Your "Whole Brain" Approach To Learning Chinese!

Many teachers use conventional methods based on the left side of the brain which governs language and logic.

Using the experience and knowledge that I've gained over the past 20 years from across various Chinese-dominant countries,

I created specific techniques that "activates" and "engages" both sides of the brain when children are learning Chinese.

By making use of both sides of the brain, your child will be able to write, read and converse in a more intuitive and creative way!

Learning Chinese become much more enjoyable and effective all at the same time!

There are 3 parts to the Speed Chinese Methodology - Speed Memory, Speed Reading & Speed Writing.

Each of them comes with their own set of techniques to help your child score for every section of the Chinese paper!

Our set of specially designed materials to help your child learn Chinese words using our proprietary "Word Flower" technique.

Speed Memory

A common difficulty that many children face when they tackle questions in exam papers is that they don’t understand Chinese characters well enough to understand the question.

This detrimental lack of knowledge can lead to your child not being able to accurately answer questions, leading to a loss of 10-15 marks in their comprehension section of the exam paper.

Making use of our Speed Memory method, your child will be able to recognise and memorise new Chinese characters in no time at all. 

They do this by first learning the root word, following that they’ll be able to branch out to multiple characters.

As a result, they’ll have practical use of the words in daily life and school.

Once your child masters this skill, they will be able to learn Chinese words with minimal guidance and instruction.

We worked with E-Tutor Singapore to develop a follow along series to design materials that your child can use to pick up new words quickly.

Julian Lim

Rosyth Primary School, P4

"Look Forward To Every Lesson... Got Band 1 For My Chinese"

“I joined the Speed Chinese programme when I was in Primary 3. Back then, I was having problems learning and remembering new Chinese words in school. I like the way which Miss Chen conducts the lessons as every lesson was fun and interesting.

It was the first time to see an enrichment class using a laptop for Chinese lesson. I look forward to every lesson as I would like to try to challenge and break my own record during accelerated learning. With her guidance, I am able to do my Chinese homework independently, enjoying reading Chinese stories books and definitely more confident in speaking and communicate in Mandarin now. I’m now able to get band 1 for my Chinese.”

We use a combination of online and offline exercises to help your child score close to full marks in their Chinese Comprehension.

Speed Reading

Many students make the mistake of skimming through their exam questions in paper 1 and 2 because they want to quickly attempt the questions and they ensure that they have enough time to complete the exam. 

This causes them to miss out on crucial parts of information which can lead to a loss of marks that can accumulate quickly. 

Using our speed reading technique, students will learn how to read and analyze new passages and draw conclusions. 

Your child will also learn how to pick out keywords in a passage and be able to effectively answer questions in the exams.

This is especially important for the comprehension part which makes up 40% to 50% of the student’s marks in the exam.

When your child joins our Speed Reading class, they will get instant access to our online Speed Reading platform where they can practice on hundreds of passages and improve their overall speed.

Janice Song Jia Yi

Guanyang Primary School, P6

"Helps Me To Improve My Grades... From D To B"

“Since I was in primary 3, I have been scoring grade D for my Chinese. I have tried Chinese papers by myself but my grades were still poor. I joined the Speed Chinese programme when I was in primary 6 and preparing for my Chinese exams. I liked how the lessons are taught as it helps me to understand and learn the Chinese words quickly. I also find the lesson enjoyable and look forward to coming to this tuition as it really helps me to improve my grades and to understand the lessons in school. Now, I also find Chinese enjoyable and I like Chinese. I feel that I have improved a lot. In my last exam, I was able to score B for the first time!”

We use cartoons and comics to engage your child and teach them how to write stories that examiners love!

Speed Writing

Another common mistake many students make is that when they’re writing their comprehension or composition, they write unnecessary things that are out of point from what is actually needed.

Since they went out of point and didn’t answer the question, they lost marks that could easily have been avoided.

After Primary 3, simply learning words is not good enough, you need to actually learn how to use the words and answer exam questions.

Using our Speed Writing Method, we teach students how to write in a way that helps them score close to full marks for the writing section and at the same time learn to love Chinese!

There are a few things that examiners look out for in the composition and we’ll teach students how to include them in the paper.

Fu Han

Primary 6

"Shown Tremendous Improvement... Improved From Grade B to Grade A!"

“I am Fu Han from P6 Chinese class. I started Chinese tuition at Speed Chinese since P5 after getting mediocre result despite attending tuition in Tien Xia. I had shown tremendous improvement under Ms Chen’s coaching. She had taught me especially well to beef up my content in my compo writing, which I am rather weak prior to attending her lesson. She is a patient, helpful & caring teacher. Not only am I more confident in my compo writing, I have improved dramatically in my paper 2. My SA2 grade jump from grade B to grade A & I really looking forward to maintain it for my PSLE score as well.

Want Your Child To Master The Speed Chinese Methodology?

We welcome you and your child to join us trial class to see what the speed Chinese methodology can do for your child.

The trial class is specially designed for new students who are experiencing our classes for the first time!

We keep each session small (4 or 5 students per session) to make sure your child gets full attention from our teachers.

Here's What Your Child Will Learn During Our Specially Designed Trial Classes!

Speed Memory Technique

You child will learn 1 technique that will help him/her memorise and understand up to 50 new Chinese characters in just 30 minutes!

Speed Reading Technique

Your child will get to use our online Speed Reading training to read passages faster... even if they don't understand some of the words.

Speed Writing Technique

We'll show you hidden tips and tricks to ensure your child scores close full marks for every composition!

Highly Engaging & Fun Activities

Your child will get to engage in fun and interactive online activities during the class. We have our own online platform to provide exercises and activities for your child.

Small Group Session

We keep each class to a maximum of 4-5 students to ensure that every child gets the attention they need. Our regular classes will have 6-8 students on average.

1-On-1 Personal Assessment

You'll get a review of your child's current level in Chinese and customized recommendations. (Note: This is a separate Zoom or Phone call with our team)

Trial Classes Will Be Conducted At Our Centre!

If you do choose to continue with us after the trial class, you can join either our online or offline classes. We'll also include FREE short term courses during school holidays so your child can still get face-to-face class time with our teachers!

With the social distancing measures still in effect,

We can only take up to 5 students per class.

However, after some discussion with the team,

We decided to conduct physical classes because,

It gives your child the opportunity to have a much better learning experience!

Your child will be able to ask questions as and when he/she needs and receive immediate attention from our dedicated teachers.

But rest assured,

The safety of your child is of utmost importance to us.

Our classrooms are sanitised thoroughly after every lesson.

Hand sanitisers are readily available in each classroom and throughout the centre, so that your child can use them whenever they want.

We also implement a strict 1 meter safe-distancing measure from every child.

So, if you want your child to improve his/her Chinese grades by 20-30 marks in the next few months,

Click on the button below to join our trial class today!

Address: Blk 116 Bishan St 12, #02-32, Singapore 570116

One of our experienced teachers, teaching our step-by-step methodology.

Check Out What Some Parents Had To Say

Mdm Teo Choon Siew

Mother Of Lucas Seck Chen Xi, P6

"Scored Full Marks For Listening Comprehension!"

"Before joining Speed Chinese, my son had been failing his Chinese since P4. I wanted to help my son improve his Chinese and so, by looking through parent testimonials, decided to give Speed Chinese a try since their methodology seemed different. In just a few short months, my son was speaking confidently in Mandarin and he scored full marks for his listening comprehension! The teachers were patient, friendly and responsive, with the right methods to teach. Thank you for helping my son"

Mdm Xu Hui Xin

Mother Of Yu Qin En, Pei Chun Public School, P6

"Qualified And Experienced Teachers/More Interest In Chinese"

"Qi En didn't like Chinese always refused to do her revision. I wanted to find some way that will allow my daughter results to improve and also learn to like Chinese. In just a few month after attending Speed Chinese lessons, I could see that Qi En started to show interest in Chinese. They teachers were kind, patient, helpful and more importantly, qualified and experienced. My daughters exam score has improved and she said she likes this tuition."

Mr Terry Chan

Father Of Max Chan, P6

"A More Positive Attitude Towards Chinese Language"

My child was unable to read fat and write proper sentence. I started looking for tuition centres and found Speed Chinese. They were really helpful! Speed Chinese had the ability to and proper teaching methods to improve my child's skills and knowledge. Max is now able to read fast and respond to the questions asked and also has a more positive attitude towards Chinese language."

Jaime Song

Guanyang Primary School, P6

"Didn't Know How To Speak Chinese Well... Improved A Lot In The Last Few Months!"

“My Chinese has always been poor since I was young. My father looked around and felt that the Speed Chinese programme was the best way to help me improve my Chinese. On the first day, I felt nervous and scared because I do not know how to speak Chinese well. My teacher is nice, kind and friendly. I like the way she taught me because she had a lot of patience while teaching me Chinese. I feel have improved a lot in the last few months. I would recommend my friends to join so that they can improve their Chinese too.”

Free Full-Colour Chinese Book (Limited To The 1st 30 Students Who Register And Attend The Trial Class)

Parents, that’s not all!

The first 30 parents that register and attend the trial class will also receive a FREE Chinese book.

This book was written specifically for students and shares valuable lessons about character and learning.

It comes with interesting stories, cartoons and hanyu pinyin to guide your guide.

This book is one of the bestsellers in Singapore and retails at $25 in bookstores.

Due to the Circuit Breaker, we only have a limited amount of books available with us.

Once it runs out, you'll have to wait a couple of months before the next round of printing.

Join Our Trial Class For Only $20!

Usually, our classes are valued at $25 per hour. That means a typical 1.5 hour lesson will cost about $32.50.

However, for a limited time period, you can sign your child up for the class for a low investment of $20.

Yup, you get to enjoy the full benefits of the trial class for less than the price of a meal for the family!

If you think about it, since you'll be getting a full-colour book worth $25-$30, we’re literally paying you to attend our class!

Why are we doing this?

For one, we want to spread the word about the Speed Chinese methodology and the trial class is the best way for you and your child to experience the difference.

Think of the book as a sign of our confidence that your child will love the experience!

Registration Is Closing Soon!

We like to keep our classes small so that each child can get the attention they deserve.

Due to the limited amount of teachers and the fact that Chinese takes a longer time to learn compared to Math and Science, we will be closing registration around early June so that your child and teachers can focus on the upcoming exams.


Although we can teach your child faster than other education centres, Chinese is a subject that takes time to improve.

Every minute counts.

Our centre will most likely be filled to capacity by late May. Learning just one of our methods can help your child improve his/her grades by 10-15 marks,

Imagine what your child can achieve if they master all of our brain-based methodologies.

With the help of our specially-trained teachers and the Speed Chinese Methodology, They’ll be Scoring A’s in their upcoming exams in as little time as possible!

Click Below to sign up for our Free Trial Class today! 

Sign Up For Your Speed Chinese Trial Class Now!


12th December (Saturday)


10.30am - 12.30pm (P3/4)

1.30pm - 3.30pm (P5/6)


19th December (Saturday)


10.30am - 12.30pm (P3/4)

1.30pm - 3.30pm (P5/6)


20th December (Sunday)


10.30am - 12.30pm (P3/4)

1.30pm - 3.30pm (P5/6)


Blk 116 Bishan St 11

#02-32 (Singapore 570116)

Here's what your child is going to learn during the class:

  • Speed Memory Technique: You child will learn 1 technique that will help him/her memorise and understand up to 50 new Chinese characters in just 30 minutes!
  • Speed Reading Technique: Your child will get to use our online Speed Reading training to read passages faster... even if they don't understand some of the words.
  • Speed Writing Technique: We'll show you hidden tips and tricks to ensure your child scores close full marks for every composition!
  • Engage in fun and interactive online activities during the class. We have our own online platform to provide exercises and activities for your child.
  • And many, many more tips and insights you will not find anywhere else!


  • It will be a physical class limited to just 5 groups per class due to social distancing measures. [Parent + Child]

  • We highly encourage parents to attend the class on time to receive the maximum learning possible.

  • You'll receive a call & SMS to confirm your seat for the class!