We Helped More Than 10,000 Students Over The Last 10 Years!

Over the last 10 years (under Edulink Learning Centre), we have helped more than 10,000 students and we continue to work with more than 1,800 students every year.

Our years of experience helped us designed one of the best programmes for learning Chinese quickly and effectively.

What Students & Parents Are Sharing About Us

"D to B in a short time"

Afaf, Mother Of Eyyup’s (Primary 4)

"Improved confidence in speaking Chinese"

Klle, Father of Gwen (Primary 4)

"From B to an A"

Jacky, Father Of Jaime (Secondary 1)

"Improved by leaps & bounds!"

Hui Xin, Mother Of Qi En (Primary 6)

Mdm Teo Choon Siew

Mother Of Lucas Seck Chen Xi, P6

"Scored Full Marks For Listening Comprehension!"

"Before joining Speed Chinese, my son had been failing his Chinese since P4. I wanted to help my son improve his Chinese and so, by looking through parent testimonials, decided to give Speed Chinese a try since their methodology seemed different. In just a few short months, my son was speaking confidently in Mandarin and he scored full marks for his listening comprehension! The teachers were patient, friendly and responsive, with the right methods to teach. Thank you for helping my son"

Mdm Xu Hui Xin

Mother Of Yu Qi En,Pei Chun Public School, P6

"Qualified And Experienced Teachers/More Interest In Chinese"

"Qi En didn't like Chinese always refused to do her revision. I wanted to find some way that will allow my daughter results to improve and also learn to like Chinese. In just a few month after attending Speed Chinese lessons, I could see that Qi En started to show interest in Chinese. They teachers were kind, patient, helpful and more importantly, qualified and experienced. My daughters exam score has improved and she said she likes this tuition."

Mr Terry Chan

Father Of Max Chan, P6

"A More Positive Attitude Towards Chinese Language"

My child was unable to read fat and write proper sentence. I started looking for tuition centres and found Speed Chinese. They were really helpful! Speed Chinese had the ability to and proper teaching methods to improve my child's skills and knowledge. Max is now able to read fast and respond to the questions asked and also has a more positive attitude towards Chinese language."

Jaime Song

Guanyang Primary School, P6

"Didn't Know How To Speak Chinese Well... Improved A Lot In The Last Few Months!"

“My Chinese has always been poor since I was young. My father looked around and felt that the E-Speed Chinese programme was the best way to help me improve my Chinese. On the first day, I felt nervous and scared because I do not know how to speak Chinese well. My teacher is nice, kind and friendly. I like the way she taught me because she had a lot of patience while teaching me Chinese. I feel have improved a lot in the last few months. I would recommend my friends to join so that they can improve their Chinese too.”

Julian Lim

Rosyth, P4

"Look Forward To Every Lesson... Get Band 1 For My Chinese"

“I joined the E-Speed Chinese programme when I was in Primary 3. Back then, I was having problems learning and remembering new Chinese words in school. I like the way which Miss Chen conducts the lessons as every lesson was fun and interesting. It was the first time to see an enrichment class using a laptop for Chinese lesson. I look forward to every lesson as I would like to try to challenge and break my own record during accelerated learning. With her guidance, I am able to do my Chinese homework independently, enjoying reading Chinese stories books and definitely more confident in speaking and communicate in Mandarin now. I’m now able to get band 1 for my Chinese.”

Fu Han

Primary 6

"Shown Tremendous Improvement... Improved From Grade B to Grade A!"

“I am Fu Han from P6 Chinese class. I started Chinese tuition at Edulink since P5 after getting mediocre result despite attending tuition in Tien Xia. I had shown tremendous improvement under Ms Chen’s coaching. She had taught me especially well to beef up my content in my compo writing, which I am rather weak prior to attending her lesson. She is a patient, helpful & caring teacher. Not only am I more confident in my compo writing, I have improved dramatically in my paper 2. My SA2 grade jump from grade B to grade A & I really looking forward to maintain it for my PSLE score as well.

Janice Song Jia Yi

Guanyang Primary School, P6

"Helps Me To Improve My Grades... From D To B"

“Since I was in primary 3, I have been scoring grade D for my Chinese. I have tried Chinese papers by myself but my grades were still poor. I joined the E-Speed Chinese programme when I was in primary 6 and preparing for my Chinese exams. I liked how the lessons are taught as it helps me to understand and learn the Chinese words quickly. I also find the lesson enjoyable and look forward to coming to this tuition as it really helps me to improve my grades and to understand the lessons in school. Now, I also find Chinese enjoyable and I like Chinese. I feel that I have improved a lot. In my last exam, I was able to score B for the first time!”

Ru Yuan

Secondary 2

"Improved From Grade C To Grade B!"

“I am Ru Yuan from Secondary 2. I started tuition in July at Edulink & I have improved from grade C to grade B! I feel motivated under the guidance of Mdm Wong. She provided me with a lot of resources & prepared me well for my exam especially email writing. With her concise notes & coaching, I started to learn to develop ideas for my composition writing. I look forward to achieving more improvement next year in my Higher Chinese. Thank you Mdm Wong for your effort & guidance. Cheers!”

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