The Speed Chinese Methodology

Using the experience and knowledge we've gained over the past 20 years from across various Chinese-dominant countries, I have come up with a fast and efficient methodology, The Speed Chinese Methodology.

This can help your child boost his/her learning capabilities and is tested and proven to help any child jump their grades by 15+ to 20+ marks in just 2 month or less.

More than 1,800 students benefit from our methodology every year and your child can too.

The Whole Brain Approach

As you all may know, Language uses the left side of the brain but here at Speed Chinese, your child makes use of something called the “Whole-Brain Approach” to increase learning output.

Many teachers may teach students conventional methods based on the left-side of the brain which governs language and logic.

However, by making use of both sides of the brain, your child will be able to write, read and converse in a more intuitive and creative way!

This is Singapore’s only methodology that makes use of brain-based techniques to help boost their child’s learning capacity and help to write and read in a more effective manner.

There are fundamentally 4 aspects of the Speed Chinese Methodology. Speed Memory, Speed Reading, Speed Writing/Oral and Speed Chinese.

Speed Memory

A common difficulty that many children face when they tackle questions in exam papers is that they don’t understand Chinese characters well enough to properly answer the given questions.

This detrimental lack of knowledge can lead to your child not being able to accurately answer questions, leading to a loss of 10-15 marks in their comprehension section of the exam paper.

Making use of our Speed Memory method, your child will be able to recognise and memorise new Chinese characters in no time at all. 

Once your child masters this skill, they will be able to learn Chinese words with minimal guidance and instruction.

Speed Reading

Many students make the mistake of skimming through their exam questions in paper 1 and 2 because they want to quickly attempt the questions and they ensure that they have enough time to complete the exam. 

This causes them to miss out crucial parts of information which can lead to a loss of marks that can accumulate quickly. 

Using our speed reading technique, students will learn how to read and analyze new passages and draw conclusions.

This is especially important for the comprehension part which makes up 40% to 50% of the student’s marks in the exam.

Speed Writing

Speed Oral

Speed Writing/Oral

Another common mistake many students make is that when they’re writing their comprehension or composition, they write unnecessary things that are out of point from what is actually needed. At the same time, many students are not confident with their oral pronunciations while reading passages, and found it difficult to express themselves fluently in a conversation.

Since they went out of point and didn’t answer the question, as we;; as not being able to phrase themselves confidently in a conversation, they lost marks that could easily have been avoided.

Using our Speed Writing/Oral Method, we teach students how to write in a way that helps them score close to full marks for the writing section, and proper techniques with reading and precise oral expression that help to ensure a fluent conversation.

There are a few things that examiners look out for in papers and oral exams, and we’ll teach students how to include them in the paper and how to handle oral exams.

Speed Chinese

Many students are found to be reluctant to put in a serious effort

to learn the Chinese language, due to the inherent lack of interest or the assumption that Chinese is a very difficult language.

“Boring” learning experiences they had in the past made matters worse too. This simply cannot be rectified if the children interest in the language is not being aroused.

Our Speed Chinese Method, coupled with fun induction of Chinese cultural factors, is professionally designed with various tools to help students overcome this psychological barrier.

The extensive practice your child goes through with Speed Chinese will only raise their interest in the language and improve their school results tremendously.

Help Your Child To Score An AL1 In Chinese Today!