Learning Chinese Can Be Challenging...

Common Problems Your Child Might Face

Learning New Chinese Words

Not being able to recognize and apply Chinese characters during exams despite constant practice on dozens of past year exam papers.

Incomplete Work

Not being able to complete their composition, often writing incomplete sentences.

Difficulties In Comprehension

Not sure how to read and understand the passage properly and score full marks for the questions.

Not Understanding What Is Covered In Class

Not understanding what their teachers are going through during lessons and getting more confused as time goes by due to a lack of practical and exact feedback

Lack Of Exposure

Children who come from English-speaking families rarely speaks Chinese at home and have much less exposure to the use of the Chinese language.

Able To Speak Chinese But Not Read Or Write

Being able to speak Chinese on a conversational level but having a hard time memorising and understanding Chinese characters and applying it to test papers.

Learning Chinese Is Much More Difficult Than English. Here's Why...

Non-Phonetic Language

This means that your child cannot understand the Chinese characters just by looking at them. They actually need to memorize the different characters in order to understand them.

“They gathered at John's house to celebrate his birthday” (9 words) compared to 他们聚集在约翰家庆祝他的生日 (14 characters)

Huge Number Of Characters

Compared to English which only has 26 alphabetical letters, Chinese has over 5,000 characters. To do well in Chinese exams, your child needs to know roughly 3,000 Chinese characters.

A well educated person knows over 5,000 Chinese characters and you will need to know about 2000-3000 characters to effectively read a book or newspaper.

Tonal Language

There are 4 different tones in Chinese. Just by making a slight mistake in the tone, you can change the whole meaning of the sentence.

For example, the hanyu pinyin word for flower is huā but the word for draw is also called huà. Flower uses the first tone while draw uses the fourth tone. A slight mistake can cause your child’s composition or or comprehension to go completely off topic.

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