Here's Why Learning Chinese Is So Challenging For Your Child

Non-Phonetic Language

This means that your child cannot understand Chinese characters just by looking at them.

Huge Number of Characters

Compared to English which only has 26 alphabetical letters, Chinese has over 5,000 characters. Your child needs to recognise and understand at least 1,800 characters by primary 6.

Tonal Language

There are 4 different tones in Chinese as compared to English. The meaning of the words changes with each tone and there are dozens of characters for every tone.

A Faster And Easier Way To Learning Chinese

The Speed Chinese Methodology is Singapore’s only methodology that uses brain-based techniques to help boost their child’s learning capacity and help to write and read in a more effective manner.

What Parents Shared With Us

"D to B in a short time"

“It was difficult for him as he didn’t know the characters and vocabulary. We tried many different centres but my son felt uncomfortable with them. He said he feels comfortable in Speed Chinese and he understands what the teacher teaches. He jumped from a D to a B in just a short time, especially since he’s not a native speaker.”. 

Afaf, Eyyup’s Mother (Primary 4)

"From B to an A"

“We seldom speak Chinese at home and I can't teach because I haven't touched Chinese for the past 24 years. The teacher in this centre is very responsible, she would update me on what my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses are. After 1 year Jaime’s grades jumped from 60+ to 80+, a very high A.”

Jacky, Jaime’s Father (Secondary 1)

"Increased Confidence in speaking Chinese"

“We’ve been bringing Gwen here for lessons for about 2 years now. We come from an English speaking family so Gwen was resistant to learning and speaking Chinese. After attending lessons here she has gained more confidence in speaking mandarin to her friends. She enjoys herself and looks forward to classes. she's more confident in using Chinese on a day-to-day basis, and conversing with people and doing well in class”.

Kia, Gwen’s Father (Primary 4)

"Improved by leaps & bounds!"

"She has been facing challenges in her Chinese since Primary 3. The reason is because she has very little interest in Chinese. After attending classes at Speed Chinese, I notice that her ability to recognize Chinese words improve by leaps and bounds. Reading passages is no longer challenging and she can recognize many of the words. Her marks for the comprehension section improved within a short period of time. What's moving is that she managed to get the "Best Progress Award"!

Hui Xin, Qi En’s Mother (Primary 6)

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